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Welcome to Consejo Shores

Mission:  Consejo Shores Parks & Roads Trust Ltd (also known as CSPRTL) is a non-profit organization established to lease, control, maintain and preserve parks and roads within the relevant developed area of the Consejo Shores community.


  • Increase the number of property owners contributing to Annual Fees and Road Heavy Use Fees annually.

  • Pay property taxes on the 5 parks and the 5km of Roads into the Relevant Developed Area (RDA).

  • Maintain and preserve all 5 parks and all roads in the RDA by mowing, filling potholes and cave-ins, trimming trees, removing debris, etc., as needed.

Board of Directors

  • Mike Henson - Chairperson

  • Sharon Stewart - Treasurer

  • Catherine Gagnaire - Secretary

  • Jeff Ervin - Roads Manager

  • Antonio Saverino - Parks Manager

  • Tracy Perreault - Outreach Director

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