Welcome to Consejo Shores

Consejo Shores is a residential development located on the Carribean Sea in northern Belize. Founded by Canadian surveyor Bill Wildman over 45 years ago, Consejo Shores has grown to over 100 houses and now is home to people from many countries.

For more information on living in Belize and the Consejo area  please visit www.consejo.bz


Consejo Shores Parks & Roads Trust Limited (CSPRTL and also known as the Trust) is a non profit community association formed in 2010 to maintain, manage and pay the land taxes on the five community parks and the road network within the community. 

Memorial Trees

To help beautify our parks the CSPRTL Board of Directors has decided to sell memorial trees. They are available for planting in the seaside parks.  Available trees include: LIME, TANGERINE, AVOCADO, MANGO, PLUM, KENEP, COCONUT, SEA GRAPE, CERAKOTE, CEIBA, MAHOGANY, FICUS, GUMBO LIMBO, PALM, AND FLAMBOYANT FLOWERING TREES. Other locations and species would be considered by the board. Your special tree comes with a plaque and stand, hole drilling, dirt and maintenance and has a cost of $200 BZD.


Contact us at  consejopnr@gmail.com  if interested

Board of Directors

  • Peter Nelson - Chairperson

  • Tom Page - Treasurer

  • Catherine Gagnaire - Secretary

  • Joanne Wright - Community Relations

  • Roger Henry - Roads Manager

  • Bill Webster - Parks Manager

  • Jeff Olson - Vice Chairperson


Contact us @ consejopnr@gmail.com

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